UDP Seeks to Derail Senate Hearings

May 24, 2017 — Even though we are aware of the Prime Minister’s heavy- handedness and the dictatorial manner in which he runs the country, the People’s United Party is seriously concerned and appalled at his disingenuous actions where the Senate Hearings are concerned. We are convinced, beyond any doubt reasonable or otherwise, that the Barrow administration will do anything possible to derail the Senate Hearings so that the truth about Ministerial wrongdoings in the Immigration Department are not exposed for the Belizean people to see.

Late last evening, the PUP became aware that UDP operatives had organized thugs to instigate violence at the sitting of the Senate. This violence, then, would have been an excuse to discontinue the hearings, the clear intention of the UDP as stated publicly by UDP-appointed Committee Chair, Aldo Salazar and Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber.

A decision was made, in conjunction with the Committee, to postpone the sitting for a week while definitive action is taken to remove UDP Chairman Alberto August, UDP thugs and any threat of violence against anyone from the equation. It was a difficult decision to make, but the Party fully realizes that the UDP will use any and every opportunity to disrupt the cross-examination of UDP Ministers, and that cannot be allowed to happen. The PUP felt, and still feels, that a postponement of one week is a small price to pay to allow for the hearings to continue until all is revealed.

As a Party, and as Belizeans, we condemn the UDP’s hijacking of the Senate hearing under threat of violence, and we condemn the Prime Minister for allowing, perhaps even condoning the intent of violence against sitting Senators. We call him out for being patently disingenuous, since Alberto August and the other hired thugs work for him, and take instructions from him. By that token, the Prime Minister could have, with a word, called off his “dogs” and allowed the hearings to continue as demanded by the Belizean people.

This is a sad day for democracy, a sad day for Belize! The PUP calls on the police department to install all necessary security measures. The people of Belize and the PUP remain resilient against any threats to disrupt these hearings and condemns all such acts that thwarts the very essence of our democracy.