In an unprecedented move the People’s United Party has filed a Motion in the Senate seeking permission of the Senate to debate an amendment to the Maritime Areas Act. The Motion will be debated at the next sitting of the Senate.
The proposed amendment is designed to remove those sections of the Maritime Areas Act that would have enabled a negotiated settlement of the claim by Guatemala to Belizean territory. If approved, the amendment would mean that Belize will claim all its territorial seas and exclusive economic zone as provided for under international law.
Commenting on this development, PUP Leader Hon John Briceno said: “The Party has been urging to Government to make this move; they continue to fail to do their duty to Belize. We have decided that it is time to be proactive and to protect Belize as the Government has chosen not to do so.”
Senator Courtenay said that the PUP Senators are lobbying all non-Government Senators to support the Motion and the Bill.