Letter to PUP Soldier

14th February 2017
Dear friends and Supporters:
Greetings. As you have already seen, 2017 will be a year of increased activity in our Party. Also, in
2017 we will be actively taking on the UDP, calling them out for their gross incompetence, corruption and hypocrisy.
By now it is clear to everyone that the UDP is completely out of touch with the Belizean people. In
an effort to try and cover up the many problems they face, they have engaged in a great deal of orchestrated distractions, none more obvious than their efforts concerning Michael Ashcroft and the foreign arbitration awards.
I first wish to make it absolutely clear that we will always stand with the people of Belize, as we
always have and always will. The PUP is Belize. This year, when Mr. Barrow and his incompetent
government introduced the Crown Proceeding (Amendment) Act and the Central Bank of Belize
International Immunities (Amendment) Act two UDP poorly drafted new laws in the National Assembly,he said this was done to protect Belize’s foreign reserves. In a show of our solidarity with the Belizean people, although we had no prior notice of these proposed laws and no opportunity to consult or receive proper advice on their merits, we did what we felt was in the best interest and in the service of the people of Belize and all PUP members of the House and the Senate voted in favour of these laws.
Based on advice I have received from the PUP legal adviser, it is now clear that the foreign reserves of Belize held in the USA are completely secure and at no risk of being attached by Michael Ashcroft or anyone else. Mr. Barrow blatantly lied to the House of Representatives. Also, attached to this letter is an explanatory note, which helps to clarify the position of Senator Courtenay’s law firm.
With the UDP’s popularity and approval rating at an all time low, they now seek to attack and fight
at every turn in their efforts to distract from any real issues. In particular, they have attacked Senator Eamon Courtenay. However, this UDP attack is not about Eamon Courtenay or these laws. The UDP is afraid of Eamon Courtenay. They are afraid of the man who had the former Director of Immigration confess to the mass illegal nationalities and registrations. This is UDP fraud. Now the UDP want him out of the Senate because they fear he will soon begin to question these corrupt ministers. No doubt, the UDP fears what will be uncovered when Senator Courtenay skillfully exposes their heedless corruption.
Of course this sideshow will not distract the people from the real issues:
• the theft of the 2012 and 2015 general elections through massive voter fraud;
• the illegitimacy of this UDP government;
• the absolute need for reregistration to stop the UDP fraud in national elections;
• the Sarstoon debacle and the destruction of our territorial integrity at the hands of
Guatemala and this inept UDP government;
• the rank and rampant corruption in every corner of this UDP government;
• the refusal of Andre Vega to return the $400,000.00 from a questionable land compensation
done by his father the former Minister of Lands;
• the increasing likelihood of default on the UDP superbond;
• the complete mismanagement of government finances and our country’s economy teetering
on the brink of bankruptcy;
• the impendent increase of taxes on an already overtaxed people to raise another $100
million in new taxes;
• the retrenchment of specific public officers to cut $200 million in government expenditures;
• the secret agreements between Barrow and Ashcroft that led to a payout in excess of over a
half billion dollars to Ashcroft, almost entirely in US currency and now leaves us faced with
the real prospect of devaluation;
• the over $600,000.00 so called compensation paid to the Prime Minster’s son after three
years as the executive chairman of BTL;
• the peddling of the shares of BEL, BWSL and BTL to different wealthy Belizeans and
financial institutions including using the people’s money from Social Security to try to cover
their wasteful spending and corruption.
We, as a Party, need to focus on and hammer home these issues. This illegitimate, corrupt and
incompetent UDP government has run our country into the ground. It is time that we all stand up across Belize. It is time that we save our country from this bogus Barrow and the UDP. This is the only way we can take our country out of the crisis it faces and end the suffering of our people. This must be our work, our singular focus in service of the people.
We must get on with the business of building a Belize that works for everyone.
Yours faithfully,


John Briceño
Party Leader