This is the website of the People’s United Party, but it is actually YOUR website, somewhere you can immediately access the message, policies and activities of your Party. With one click of a button you can see the people who are working to serve you – our faces, background and contact information. With one move of a mouse you can join your leaders across the country as the PUP embarks on a journey to Belmopan. Your voices are essential. We want your input. We need your support. Together we will return Power to the People.

Party Leader's Statement


As we embark on another chapter in the always peaceful, ever constructive people’s revolution, with pleasure and pride I invite you to join us on what will be a significant and unforgettable journey. I promise you that together we WILL break these oppressive political chains that bind us, and restore stability, equality and harmony to our beloved country.

As a people, there are so many issues that threaten us – from the unfounded and increasingly aggressive claim by Guatemala to the escalating crime which makes all of us feel unsafe in our homes; from the uncertainty in our major industries – agriculture and sugar cane to the desperate poverty which afflicts so many of our people. These are issues which transcend politics and require a mature, responsible and united front.

We are committed to the rescue of our economy which has been battered by irresponsible spending. We are committed to restoring the dignity of our people through meaningful employment and social programs which uplift lives and offer hope. We are committed to honest management of the people’s money, and putting that money to work for you, not just for a chosen few. We are committed to ending victimization and abuse, and to restoring integrity and respect to the political profession.

Together we can do these things. Together we can build a new Belize, a better Belize for all of us, our children and generations to come.

As the leader of the People’s United Party, and your servant, I commit to you that this era of the PUP will be one in which we work for the good of all Belizeans, and the growth, development and protection of this country which is home to all of us.

Long Live the People’s United Party. Long Live Belize.

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