Opposition Leader writes PM Dean Barrow

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow
Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
Sir Edney Cain Building

1st September 2017

Dear Prime Minister:
For too long, the good people of Belize have been fed a constant diet of corruption in the
highest ranks of the Government you lead. You have presided, as Prime Minister over a
Government that facilitated and condoned the bucket sale of nationality, passports and visas
orchestrated by your Ministers and their cronies for personal profit, the pillaging of the land
resources of our country under the leadership of your colleague and former Deputy Prime
Minister Gaspar Vega for his family and friends, and the wanton abuse and criminality lately
revealed by the Auditor General in several ministries. This criminality has been met with
perfunctory acceptance by you its “a hotbed or corruption”; with weak appeals, “for God
sake stop if’; and callous disregard “what it is is what it is”.

We have witnessed undeniably criminal giving of national land on Mosquito Caye to
members of the Vega Family. This is but the latest in the litany of corruption in your
Government. Misfeasance in Office has been obvious over the years and you have done
nothing. We have had enough.

Social partners have over the past two days publicly expressed their outrage at the latest
scandals. They are right. But just as importantly, they have highlighted the fact that the
Government you lead has deliberately undermined the institutions of oversight. The Public
Accounts Committee has been undermined by your Government. The Integrity Commission
has been rendered powerless, again by your Government. The result is where we are today. A nation beset by scandal after scandal perpetrated by your Government. Basta, Prime
We are monitoring very closely the investigation by the Police, which you have publicly
announced. We call on you to immediately produce to the public evidence that indeed the land illegally given to the Vegas on Mosquito Caye has been cancelled. But that is just the start. We demand that you immediately do the following:
1. Establish a Commission of Inquiry into the hotbed of corruption in the Ministry of Lands
for the period 2008 to 2015;
2. That you instruct the Attorney General to initiate a claim for misfeasance in public office
against Gaspar Vega and ensure the recovery of all the ill-gotten gains by him and his
family, and damages in the millions for loss suffered by the people of Belize;
3. That you instruct the UDP members of the Public Accounts Committee to vote in support
of our call for meeting of the PAC to be public hearings; and
4. That you cause your nominees on the Integrity Commission to vote in favour of our call
for all public officials to file returns beginning in20l2.
These, Mr Prime Minister are our minimum demands. You have allowed a culture of corruption to flourish under your watch. The confidence of the Belizean people has been betrayed by you and your cabinet colleagues.

I look forward to a positive response.